About Us


Roast n’ Grind Coffee Co. was founded in 2005. During its twelve year history, the Roast n’ Grind Coffee Co. has developed some of the finest brands of coffee. In February 2016, 100% shareholding of the Roast n’ Grind Coffee Co. was acquired by Mr. Kura Sibanda as part of Siyaya Bakeries and then recently was changed to Africa Roast n Grind Coffee Co. (Pty) Ltd. We supply various quality coffee blends of roasted coffee and contract roasting for customers for both the retail and private industry.

Africa Roast ‘n Grind Coffee Co. has a history of quality coffee and excellent service.

We strive to ensure that all our clients, no matter how small, are given the same 5 star treatment so that we support the “little businesses” while they grow.

All our coffee is of top quality 100% pure Arabica beans. Our blends are based on Africa grown coffee beans and are blended to be enjoyed by the most sensitive pallet in mind. Our customers are our top priority and we have an array of products to suit everyone’s taste. For the customers that prefer to indulge in their own blends, we do contract coffee roasting and packaging to suit their needs.

Our staff are trained to ensure that you get the quality and service you deserve.